Sunday, January 12, 2014

Disaster strikes

Sometimes, I silently complain that I don't fail often enough. I consider all the things I miss out on learning because of all the mistakes I don't make. I realize how that sounds, but this is a blog, and I'm allowed to real talk if I want.

I received this response from that friend who recommended the book this afternoon:

"Hopefully at this point your kreusen has risen, and you're getting a nice, vigorous fermentation. I love that smell."

He was right! About all of it. Even the smell, which I could smell from the doorway, because the airlock blew and my beer was all over the floor of the closet. Womp womp. Best smelling spill I've encountered in months! Most of the time it's baby vomit, and that spoiled milk smell gets old.

But I'd rather clean up a dozen spitups than have to dump another gallon of spoiled, fermenting beer down the drain. Lord have mercy.

I'll get on with documenting what I think might have gone wrong later. I'm just gonna go have a good cry.

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