Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The heavens opened

A buddy, Matt, and I went out to West Michigan on a brewery pilgrimage last week. It was good, a little hazy. I fell asleep during the trip home, singing to old-school Jars Of Clay. Sure, I've had better moments. But it was a good time!

But this post is actually not about me. It's about Matt.

He just checked in a Founders Dirty Bastard on Untappd... and guess who toasted it?


Yeah, that Founders.

The brewery, rightly seated on the Mt. Olympus of American craft brewing, responded to Matt directly, saying how cool it was that he like Dirty Bastard.

He says it's "like winning the Super Bowl" and "the high water mark of my mortal existence". I do not think this is (much of) an exaggeration.